Hello、Friends in Japan
China extreme popularity character appears in Japan

Hello、Friends in Japan
China extreme popularity character appears in Japan




The popularity of the possession character in China


The rapid growth IP company where Beijing Block12 CultureCo.,Ltd has more than 100 kinds of characters. There are a lot of popular characters which including the “BUDDING POP” belonging to first-class S rank. Though social media such as WeChat and Weibo, a fun(follower) who is higher than 20000000 people in total exists in China.

※WeChat:Messaging application be said to be LINE for China.
※Weibo:Social media to be twitter for China.


Collaboration with the Japanese IP

By the tie-up with the Japanese IP holder company, a prize presents a Japanese character in China. As a eference example that tie-up with AMUSE, characters such as Mameshiba Three-Brothers, GON’S MARMOT and Mr. FIGURE of the miniature factory are contributed in store specializing in crange games “LLJ”which Beijing Block12 CultureCo.,Ltd runs.

Come up by the in-bound promotion of the Japanese company

In December,2017, the in-bound promotion for Chinesevisiters to Japan in Tokyo tourist information center (following TTTIC) and Sakae Nagoya Mitsukoshi are carried out. And an in-bound event successively in TTTIC and Karuzawa Prince shopping plaza in Vernal Equinox Day are holded in February,2018. It is an advertising power by social media of Beijing Block12 Culture Co.,Ltd in China to be unique. It was succeeded in informing an event before the Chinese visit to Japan and was taken up in much media.

The sale of BUDDING POP goods is very popular

Goods were sold in Japan starts in the Yodobashi Camera Akihabara store 6F toy section in September,2017. Afterwards, were sold in Tokyo Tower, Sakae, Nagoya Mitsuzawa, and the general shop “jungle”of Karuizawa, and the BUDDING POP formula online shop was opened too. (www.factorich.com)After the purchase, there are a lot of people improving in twitter, and future goods development is expected. Make folkraft technology and collaboration of Japan,the BUDDING POP kokeshi doll comes up too.


Beijing Block12 Culture Co.,Ltd

〒101100 Wangjing SOHO chaoyang ku Beijing.

China is excited by record-breaking IT,IP boom now. Cashless society represented by WeChat pay, and anyone knows how to use by application to ride a solution lock share bicycle almost everyday, and the smartphone game from China sweeps over the world. The wold’s most advanced field appears in modern China in sequence. Beijing Block12 CultureCo.,Ltd has a strong position above all in a field of the character IP. As for the one of the representative characters, “BUDDING POP”stamap is downloaded by WeChat exceeds 1 billion times(at June1,2018); As for the number of the funs(follewer) of Weibo is more than 1600000. In addition, as for a lot of characters influential, more than 100 kinds in all. Look altogether, the number of the fans of Weibo exceeds 20000000 people. There are the license results with various prominent firms to the bass by the support from such an overwhelming fan. Beijing Block12 Culture Co.,Ltd becomes to the IP company on behalf of modern China.


Wang Biao


Wang Biao

In the generation when the Chinese born in the 90s was brought up to see a Japanese animated cartoon in 1980, I am one of them. Current China pours power into the field of art, culture, entertainment, game, animation, and the IP, but does not mature so as to reach the Japanese quality yet. At the end of 2017, Beijing Block12 Culture Co.,Ltd did the entry to the field of the crane game. Our Beijing Block12 Culture which have the popularity and ability for advertising utilized the IP, with the idea power and high quality game, animation, IP of Japan, link the business strategy partnership to fuse, and do you not join us in a struggle?
Because Our Beijing Block12 Culture prepare a program and a team of the working full time to protect a company and the writing of artists entered from the inside and outside the country, please participate in peace.

Director of international affairs department

Li Chao

Director of international affairs department

Li Chao

I lived in Nagoya-shi by coming to Japan from China on account of the work of father at my 3rd grade for one year. The richness of the Japanese economy that I watched, I remember that I received big stimulation in a juvenile mind in those days. I visit Japan again after making graduation from high school, and entered the Japanese university and the graduate school. I worked as a Chinese area manager of the IP company DLE Co.,Ltd.after graduation and spend 10-year impressionable time in total in Japan and learned the Japanese alphabet of the business. After return China, I successively held the business charge of the duty in the American listed company(the New York Stock Exchange) and the joint venture of the ITOCHU group. I was engged in the financing of the medium and small-sized business more than 200 and investment in a Chinese industrial bank (there are many medium and smail-sized businesses of the culture industry in particular).Because I learned from such an experience about Japan and China , structure of both business, the business between companies advances smoothly in the daytime and takes pride when I can contribute so that each shows maximum value.

Store specializing in crane games“LLJ”

In December 2017, Store specializing in crane games”L L J” opens at three-villages Beijing China which is the global sightseeing spot to hanging. Beijing Block12 Culture Co.,Ltd has original contents and more than 100 kinds of IP, including the structure that the product powers such as the license items by the tie-up with AMUSE Corporation, and the prize that acquired are collected within application, there are many unique seivices attact a lot of visitors that stand in line on Saturday and Sunday .Aim at the development in the whole land of China in the future.



Perform the development of the character, plan and production the character goods.As a strategic tie-up partner with Beijing Block12 Culture Co.,Ltd,support the development of charactes including BUDDING POPin Japan.

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